Maritime Vessel Arrest

Arrest of vessel is the prerequisite for the court to enact jurisdiction. As justice is the highlighted keyword in Marine Law, we at Vessel Arrest ensures that no injustice is done to our clients whatsoever. We strictly abide to the laws and regulations of Maritime vessel arrest not giving any loopholes for justice manipulators. Vessel Arrest is a leader in facilitating maritime related services like vessel seizure, recovery, arrest, and custody of marine vessels, boats in North America. The company has successfully executed hundreds of seizure, arrest and custody cases, and vessel recoveries as well.

The events leading to the arrest of a vessel can be various. We at Vessel Arrest, abiding by the law of maritime ship arrest, conduct a warrant of arrest on a ship along with formal or informal investigation pertaining to certain maritime related crimes as per the requirements of our clients. Apart from that, we take and provide timely steps and responses for each assignment, ensuring clients reach desired results quickly and efficiently.

Some of the common reasons triggering a vessel arrest are loss of life, collisions, loss of property, violation of customs, salvage, personal injury, regulations, road norms, health norms, or safety regulations etc.

Vessel Arrest provides reliable and best possible services in maritime related issues and always tries to be an integral part of the marine assistance provider in the industry. Our uniqueness rests in the dedication and prudence of our personnel who always come to the assistance of our clients whenever help is needed.

Vessels Sold in Past Auctions

  • Motor Yacht '05 Bertram 67'
    Motor Yacht 
    Twin Diesel engines 2000 HP

  • Pilot House Cockpit Motor Yacht  Twin Diesel engines''86 Crystal I  110''
    Pilot House Cockpit Motor Yacht Twin Diesel engines
    838 HP

  • Cockpit Motor Yacht '00 Queenship 70'
    Cockpit Motor Yacht
    Twin Diesel engines 800 HP

Sample Photos of Current Vessels under Arrest

($40+ Million in Value)

  • Current Vessels under Arrest

  • Current Vessels under Arrest

  • Current Vessels under Arrest

  • Current Vessels under Arrest