Maintenance and Towing Services

As a general rule, Vessel Arrest knows that once you are not insured for towing, towing becomes an awfully expensive feat to you when such a situation arises. What you need to do is to buy a towing insurance policy which in turn saves you quite a lot of money. Vessel Arrest provides you the best towing and maintenance services in a cost effective way.

You can call us toll-free, day or night, all seven days a week for towing assistance. We provide complete range of service starting from a breakdown at sea to the port of your choice, up to the towing service level that you have selected. We provide salvage and salvage ungroundings abiding to the Marine Insurance Yacht Policy. Vessel Arrest offers towing assistance in leading US ports with substantial towing vessels. We have a wide range of approved boats in order to help you 24 hours a day. Vessel Arrest is licensed and insured boat trailer maintenance services functioning independently on the West Coast of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Vessel Arrest has been providing safe and responsive ocean towing services to marine operators in US and Canada including floating in pickups and floating in deliveries. We provide standard and reliable services to our clients and offer towing endorsements, licenses and standards, complete insurance coverage and al these are reviewed on an annual basis without fail. The best towing and maintenance service for yachts and ships of all sizes – we adhere to this our motto.

Vessels Sold in Past Auctions

  • Motor Yacht  '05 Bertram 67'
    Motor Yacht 
    Twin Diesel engines 2000 HP

  • Pilot House Cockpit Motor Yacht  Twin Diesel engines''86 Crystal I  110''
    Pilot House Cockpit Motor Yacht Twin Diesel engines
    838 HP

  • Cockpit Motor Yacht '00 Queenship 70'
    Cockpit Motor Yacht
    Twin Diesel engines 800 HP

Sample Photos of Current Vessels under Arrest

($40+ Million in Value)

  • Current Vessels under Arrest

  • Current Vessels under Arrest

  • Current Vessels under Arrest

  • Current Vessels under Arrest