LOCATIONS Nielsen Beaumont Vessel Recovery and Custodial Services. have boat repossession facilities available throughout the West Coast of the United States, Canada and Mexico for maritime ship arrest. Our corporate headquarters are located in San Diego, CA in the heart of the boating community, Shelter Island.

In the Long BeachIn the Long Beach, CA area, Mr. Beaumont and Mr. Nielsen have two locked and guarded facilities. Both are capable of handling vessels up to 160’ in length. One of the two also is capable of handling trailerable boats.

locationWe also have space available to us in the San Francisco, CA area and the Seattle, WA area to accommodate any vessels in the Northwest portion of the United States where you may have need for seizure maritime vessel arrest and/or custodial services.

location The Nielsen Beaumont Impound/Sales facility in Miami, Florida, currently stores over 50 vessels in dry storage and 5 vessels in the water. We perform monthly maintenance and repairs at this Coast Guard secure facility.